A Brief History of LifeWay Church – New Philadelphia, Ohio

    The years of 1922 through 1924 were formative in a spiritual move of the Pentecostal experience in this area.  In

the year 1925, a small group of people began worshiping God in a store building on First Drive. It was during this

time of the Assemblies of God District Council that the people called and asked for a pastor to set the church in

order. The District sent Rev. James R. Earls. The church then affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies

of God.

    During the next thirteen years people worshiped in various buildings.  In 1937, a building fund was started when

Rev. Glen Horst was pastor. Then Brother and Sister Horst accepted the call of God to China. Rev. Cyril Homer

came to pastor in June 1937. The following year a tabernacle style building was built under the leadership of

Brother Homer.

    In 1956, Rev. Kenneth Shaffer came to pastor.  Under his leadership and knowledge of building, construction

began and a new sanctuary was added to the existing building on Beaver Ave. in 1964.  Rev. Shaffer served as

pastor for 29 years.

    In 1985, Larry and Ruthie Fletcher were voted in to serve as pastor.  In 1997 the Beaver Ave. property was sold,

and a former industrial facility was remodeled and purchased at 742 Cookson Ave.   In 2011 an adjoining acre of

the industrial park was purchased and added to the church’s current property.  Pastor Larry has faithfully served

LifeWay Church (formerly 1st Assembly of God) for the past 27 years.

    Within the eighty five years of LifeWay Church (formerly 1st Assembly of God) from 1927-2016, thirteen pastors

have answered the call of God and came to new Philadelphia to pastor:  Rev. James Earls, A.B. George,

Milton Searles, Glen Horst, Cyril Homer, Isaac Griffith, G.G. martin, Melvin Hart, Harry Hild, Lindon Ford,

W.W. Martin, Kenneth Shafer, and Larry Fletcher.

(written by Ruby Garabrandt and Travis Wright) 
*If you would like a more detailed history please contact our Administrative Assistant – office@lifewaychurchnp.org