Genesis Youth Ministries! G.Y.M.

Biblical Teachings, Support and Discipleship Training that caters to Tomorrow’s Church – Our Youth.

♦  G.Y.M.  (Genesis Youth Ministries) is a complete Student ministry.

♦  G.Y.M.  is for all youth from 7th – 12th grade.

♦  G.Y.M.  Is geared towards challenging and motivating youth of all ages to live out the message of the Gospel in ways

    that will impact their world for the cause of Christ!

♦  G.Y.M.  meets regularly on Wednesday nights at 7:00p for a special Worship Service led by the G.Y.M Youth Band.

♦  G.Y.M.  meets regularly on Sunday mornings at 9:00a for GYM class;

This our very own Sunday School aimed at real issues and the unique needs of our youth in today’s world.

Where we strive to discover together the Biblical answers for all the issues our youth face day to day.

♦  G.Y.M.  participates in many Christian events throughout the year as a group, Here are a few;

Reach Conference                             Alive Festival                                Speed the Light

Fine Arts                                            See You At the Pole                      Cedar Point day

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Pastor Travis & Leslie Wright – Genesis Youth Ministries Leaders.