Our Vision here at LifeWay is to Experience Life with God,

by Living Life with Others, and Bringing Life to the World.

Our Approach

This is how we accomplish our Vision-


  These are the times when the entire LifeWay Family joins together to worship Jesus Christ and be taught from the

Bible. We believe people should feel free to worship as the Bible teaches (without distracting the worship of others),

so you may see some raising hands, or praying and praising out loud and “unscripted” while they worship.

  We believe that God gives people gifts. Spiritual gifts are being used in & through the LifeWay Family on a regular

basis, both in our services and at other times. Some gifts are occasionally spoken out loud during the public services,

but this is a small minority of the totality of spiritual gifts. The Bible also tells us that the gifts are to be tested, and used

under authority according to God’s order.

  While the gift of tongues, along with the gift of interpretation, is often accepted as a spontaneous expression, if you

feel you have a word of prophecy, knowledge, wisdom or encouragement for the church family. Please ask an usher

to lead you to a pastor or deacon and let them know so that all can hear and blessed in proper order.

Life Groups

  Doing life together… building relationships… serving others… It all happens in LifeWay Life Groups. We encourage

each one to be faithful to attend a service at least once each week for worship and teaching and be involved in at least

one life group. We believe that is a guarantee for growth as a follower of Jesus Christ!


  Both locally and overseas, through a variety of methods, formats and partnering with various organizations the

LifeWay Family gives and works to share the Good News about Jesus Christ with everyone everywhere!

Pastor Larry and Ruthie Fletcher

A note from Pastor Larry and Ruthie

Hello LifeWay!!!

  What a joy as Pastors of LifeWay to invite you to join our free market Life Groups! You might say what’s this all

about? Well, it is about experiencing God in a small group setting where fellowship and discipleship can take place!

Therefore experiencing Life together and reaching out to bring life to our world! Yes, it is our mission and we want

you to be a part of what we feel God is doing to transform our church into a life experiencing, living and giving

body of Christ!

Have fun choosing how you can be a part and planning for the future. Also, how you may be able to lead a new

group in the Summer. Certainly how you can connect to others and help others connect to our Father!

Ruthie and I are excited about the ministry we have together!

Pastor Larry and Ruthie Fletcher

What is your LifeGroup Idea ??

♦  Do you want to learn how to use your passion and hobby to connect with and serve others?

♦  Do you want to find out how to become involved in ministry and serving at LifeWay?

♦  Do you have an idea for a new group or ministry?

♦  Contact LifeWay Staff for more information !!  office@lifewaychurchnp.org

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